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I treated myself

I pick this up on the 24th
My heart wanted the S1000RR m sport
My knees wanted the XR


Happy days

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Wise choice to follow knees wise!

Lovely bike there…

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Very nice!

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Lucky devil

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My treat to myself of a sticky toffee Hobnob with my afternoon cuppa is going to feel very insignificant in comparison to your little treat from now on.

Didn’t the RR and a year’s supply of Nurofen tempt you?

I nearly brought the RR it’s the tank range it sealed the deal
I commute from north Essex to the cotswolds for the next two years I’d run out of petrol on the M40 with the RR

Now I paid for the bike I can only afford Aldi fake hobnobs


Looks nice!

That’s very very nice

Very nice choice Wise! Great colour scheme :wink:

Cracking bike, lovely engine and super slick quickshifter (up and down). Enjoy my friend!

How do you find those sticky toffee hobnobs out of interest? :joy:

LoL, they’re aaaaamaaaazing. They’re efinitely a contender for the king of biscuits title.

Really love these bikes, great choice!