I Took Part In A 24 Hour Race

My race team (Team GAMA Motorsport) joined up with another (BPM Racing) to take part in a 24 hour race at Silverstone as part of the Britcar series, if you saw the 24 hr race that Top Gear did last year its that one. My main job in the race was to re-fuel the car, this was done every 2.5 hours & in total I was awake for 41 hours! I was absolutely shattered when I got back home last night. We were racing a Renault Clio Cup, started 36th out of 41 cars & came home 16th overall and won our class :smiley:

It was mentally 1 of the hardest things I’ve ever done but an amazing experience! As I’d been awake for so long - on the last fuel stop I put 5 litres of fuel in instead of 50 oooops! Luckily the driver noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be able to see these pics I’ve added to my facebook



Sounds like you had quite an experience, have you caught up on your sleep yet?

Yeah it was an amazing experience! Didnt feel too bad yesterday morning when I had to get up for work but felt worse today, just couldnt be ar*ed to get up!

Cant wait to do it again next year though :smiley:

Did you take any amphetamines or just lots of coffee?

I got by on tea & 3 cans of Relentless (Original flavour) :slight_smile: