I thought the new Tax Disc rules would be a good thing....

…but of course the DVLA (while saving a fortune in admin and printing costs) are gonna take more off of us than before…

Basically you cannot transfer unexpired tax disc to the new owner when you sell as we have done in the past…grrr

Seller has to apply to DVLA for a refund on the unexpired disc

(But of course you only get the money back for WHOLE months unexpired… if you sell on the 1st January you can only claim from February ) ££Cherching!££ to the DVLA… and you also have the hassle of applying for the refund.

New owner can’t legally move the bike from the sellers without applying for the tax first…and of course some insurance firms take several days to register your details with the DVLA…so you might have to wait a week to pick it up…

See here;



all it will do is encourage less people to tax there vehicle the police don’t have the recourses (it not there problem so why should they) & there isn’t enough ANPR to catch every one

it should be done like tv license’s if you have a vehicle & it not sorn it should be taxed & automatic check’s just like the TV license is

The reclaiming unused tax bit is similar to before… the owner always had to apply for the refund and only received whole remaining months back.

If this story is true then it’s an attempt to deter/hinder private sales in favour of the bike and car trade.

Then again, it’s printed in the Daily Mirror so it must be bo11ocks. :cool:

Yea I worried about the Mirror bit,