I thought I'd come and introduce myself even though most of you have already heard of me!

Hi and welcome! We’ve heard about you already! :slight_smile: I hope that leg get’s better soon! :wink:

Thank you very much everybody! I’m already completely bored being stuck indoors… there’s only so much crap TV a person can take!:smiley:

Hello Mrs Button Monkey – I read about your accident – horrible.

Nice to know you are mending and can only sympathise with your boredom – I’d be climbing the walls!

Exactly, we all heard about it, and hope that you heal soon.

Make the most of it, as I know from personal experiance, from sitting on the sofa for 6 months, with a plate and 9 screws holding my ankle together, and to make it worse, it was also non weight bearing, so I had to hop everywhere.

That in the past, I know that you can do the cooking, the washing up, and make the tea, but carrying things, that is a different story. Word of advice, when it is wet, be very careful with the crutches going up wet steps, wouldn’t be the first person, to lose the grip on the bottom of the crutch, and head butt the floor backwards - not recommended.

Get everyone else to fetch and carry, laptops are great, and so is Sky+. Another interesting thing to do, is to go to a big hyper market, and get a wheelchair, and use the wheel chair like you would the bike, and scare all the over 70’s, but beware, you may want them to help you get things off the top 4 shelves!!

Good luck, and heal soon