I thought I saw a puddy tat...

hehehe to cute

that cat looks soooo pissed off lol

Not as pissed as my cat when it gets a summer shave

check the before and after shots



Mika shaven.JPG

That cat is about to claw the sh*t out of somebody.

Why did you shave your cat?

Ain’t got thumbs so can’t do it itself


That cat grows hair twice his body lenght, it gets matted and knotted in locks like a rastafarian hairdo, harbouring flees and all sorts so… chop chop… and don’t even ask why I got that cat, it was a gf’s present… grrrrr

Isnt that animal crueltie lol ur cat looks so pissed i dont want to say but i burst out laughting wen i saw the shaven pic i didnt think ur cat would be bald

I don’t know where you are going with this but the vet gives the cat an injection to sedate him and then uses the clippers to shave it.


you should have given it a brazillian mate….

sorry dont mean to laugh…it is healthy for the cat…when the hot weather comes…its hell for em…

i just stick my kitty in the toilet and flush when he’s hot…lol…ONLY JOKING PPL!!!


he does remind me of jim carey in dumb and dumber tho…


This is my mum’s cat at Christmas, she had been outside while it was snowing… She’s grumpy anyway, bless her…


Xmas 2005 103.jpg

no im not going anywhere with it, it just looks cruel and i wasn’t expecting that pic, but obviously its not because i guess its like wearin thermals all through summer that why u hav to shave it.

Your Mums cat does look grumpy Foxy lol
Heres a pic of mine



hey easy now everyone loves a shaven pussy, rite capt???


theres one there to

I have one of those Captmoto! Her hair is all messed right now! Brosh is not doing the job anymore… She’s black and look dirty… We are booking the vet…