I think ive been spending far to much time by myself....

who asked your opinion anyway stevewright huh?

i thought this was an open forum ?

i can say whatever i friggin well feel like

oh yeah, think your all tough keyboard bashing, would you say that to my face, huh?

maybe i will, next time i see ya

can someone keep stevewright quiet please? hes really getting on my nerves here

well your getting on my nerves aswell stevewright

theres just no call for that is there?


Is there anybody out there…

im here stevewright, what you up to?

Stop talking I`m trying to think.:angry:

ahh, just talking to stevewright, what about you?

im talking to stevewright to, and jetstream is trying to think.

now theres a split personality if ever i saw one.

i mean two

Think i should make you a straight jacket luvvie:w00t:


stevewright or stevewright?

give it to him, this ones ok