I think ive been spending far to much time by myself....

I just caught myself, singing to myself in the mirror next to my desk, and ive began having whole conversations with myself! :hehe:

personally speaking, you can keep spending time with yourself. As long as you’re nowhere near me :wink:

Oi Steve theres a name for people with those symptoms you know-SAD!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think thats what it is.

I only enjoy my own company :stuck_out_tongue:

im afraid your wrong wasp, thats another disorder when people are unhappy because they do not get enough sunlight:



Steve are you the guy I met on the bournemouth ride in the park?

Oi!! I did invite you out yesterday… but you didn’t want to come:w00t:

MR GROOVY- Couldnt have been me, i didnt see anyone groovy that day…

Suzuki angel- I didnt say i didnt wana come, i said i couldnt be arsed riding to the other side of london to stand in another car park. :stuck_out_tongue:

has the sun come back out? I think I just got burned

I thought this was a smiled thread when I read the title, think you can guess what I was expecting to read about in the actual post lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too, I have a sore wrist

your a baaaaad girl for thinking such a thing miss tiggi :stuck_out_tongue:


dont look at me with that face, stand in the corner:P

Fugg me Steve!

You mean to say you understand yourself?;):smiley:

i never said that :cool:

I’m an angel, honest :smiley:

me too, good as gold and completely innocent :Wow:

yeah yeah… :wink:

but then again, it depends on what your defination of being bad is…

some bad can be good