I should have known better...

Was doing my food shop at Lidl (I know, but its the only supermarket in walking distance from my flat) and there on the shelf was dead cheap chain lube. £1 I thought Id give it a go. DO NOT USE IT!!! Feckin rubbish and quite frankly dangerous as you think you have that base covered and it really isnt…valuable lesson learned

Why??? I’ve got tins of it from when it was a quid.

maybe you could use it as multipurpose lube?


I like your thinking… :wink:

It doesnt last - put loads of it on, went for 100 mile spin and by the time I got back chain was dry as a bone!! Be careful with that shite, its cheaper to get the proper stuff than replace a snapped chain and a broken bike!!

I like using a good wax. Sticks really well, and you can see when it needs doing again.

It helps my simple mind to go back and concentrate on filth.

It’s dry lube…:cool:
It’s actually pretty decent stuff - very similar to the Wurth dry lube that costs the thick end of £8 a tin (albeit a bigger tin)