I rode Leons K7 today

Top man Leon let me take his K7 out today, and i was impressed with the bike even with only 6000rpm on tap (running in). The engine felt nice and loose and you should hear the air intake wicked, and even the standard pipes sounded good. The only down side was the brakes lacked feel but im sure hoses would sort this, the bike felt very comfortable and handled well ( but mine turns in faster ) much like mine but the rearsets are lower. Id like to take it out again once run in to compare, am i buying one watch this space !!


Copy of 1.04.07 007.jpg

Copy of 1.04.07 009.jpg

Copy of 1.04.07 011.jpg

Well one things’s for sure, they look the part together Pete I await the run-in comparison.

Cheers Jay when i get mine , il post report but mine might take a while as stealth is quick as u know what ??

hey pete how do we vote for your bike in PB special of the year?

Vote for mine by Email mate [email protected] or www.performancebikes.co.uk, and they put the wrong pic in the mag DOH !!

Those are some sexy machines

I need a K7 thou I really do!!!