I remember when a stand up wheelie was impressive.


The fun you can have without big brother watching

That was cool. I can’t do any of those tricks. The only two tricks I can do are staying alive and keeping my license, and that’s more by luck than judgement…

The stunts were brilliant and I think LB should do a costume rideout in the summer. Anyone else agree?

Meh… if ya want wheelies, don’t forget good ol’ Ghostrider !


Awesome video. Looks so fun :smiley:

pah! ghost rider wouldnt know balance point if it kicked him in the head!!:w00t:

costume ride was a good vid:)

Maybe… but then who else has the balls to pop a wheelie at near on 200 mph ???

bit of a slow video, but after 3minutes is the fast wheelies:D ( i think ghostrider was supposed to have turned up this year)??

I thought Shewoolf was going to pop up in that video. Reving the nuts of her bike and doing some stand up wheelies. :smiley:

Big Brother?? I didn’t see any number plates on the bikes in the first vid so Big Brother wouldn’t help anyway…music was shite though. :slight_smile:

The Americans really do know how to enjoy themselves.


Some of those guys are riding like muppets! :smiley:

Seriously though - cool vid. :cool:

good set of videos!

we should DEFINITELY do a costume ride out!!! Thats would be soooo cool! Who else is up for it?

Brilliant video. Costume rideout would be great!

Maybe the senior members of LB can organise something IF we get a summer next year. Keep it in mind eh? I’ve been looking for a reason to get my Spiderman costume out!

Sounds like a plan.Why wait till summer,some of those costumes look a tad warm,especially if you like teletubies,grizzly bears,honey monsters,scary big foot,chewbacca,big bird.Do you get my point,or do i list some more examples?:smiley:

Check out the Mutant Ninja turtle on the Green ninja 750 at 3.19 :smiley:

sweet vid, dude on the R1 is pukka. Yea, well up for a winter costume ride out - someone please organise!!!

Who is the guy on the R1…Apart from what looked like almost losing it at 3:32, he was Mr. F.King quality. :hehe:

I’ve seen him before. Mad Alex i think his name is???