I recognise that number plate!


Looking good! :slight_smile:

hehe, yep, all change in the Rixxy house hold……………… Maybe.

I fancy a change up, not even sure what for. Although i have decided i still want to keep the monster. But i might change that as well.

Its all because Missis Rixxy want to move back into town and so i can only really have 1 bike plus the track bike.

On a side note, any recommendations as far a what i should get and I’m listening. I want something fun, that fast, a bit rude and i can take a pillion.

I may ignore all that and just get a secure lock up and keep everything.

If anyone here fancies it PM me, i can come down on price a bit. If not i might just chop it in.

Im in NO RUSH AT ALL and may change me mind this week.

Duke 1290.

thank f*ck for that :smiley:

Scorch would be devastated to lose his neighbour though.

I’ll look after the 1098 in our garage, payment can be that when your not riding it I can! :smiley:

That’s a very suspicious looking advert. Something doesn’t ring quite true about the seller… the spelling, grammar & punctuation are not in keeping with the usual style of Ebay bike ads :wink:



The Watford massive is losing members fast here, first Kishan, now Rixxy…