I r the newest!

Hello all (no offence meant at the cat pic :p)

I ride a black 03 CBR 600F, the love of my life :smiley:

havent been riding long, passed my DAS couple of months ago (4 days after turning 21, and with only 3 minors grin) and got the bike. prior to taking my DAS, i had been riding dirt bikes (DTs, RMXs etc) in the wilds of cyprus, and have owned too many mopeds to count.

been looking for a london biking forum / community for ages now, i have no idea why i couldnt find something as logical as ‘‘londonbikers.com’’ lol but thats just me :<

i am from north london, enfield to be precise. currently at university at Kings College London (London bridge), i commute every day with public transport coz i hate taking my bike into central london in the traffics :<

im quite often down ace cafe, so hope to meet some of ya either at ace or at another meet!

some pics

ps ladies im good looking and single :wink:

Hi Jonny!

Welcome to LB.

Very nice bike you have there :wink:

Hi there and Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB, nice pictures :slight_smile:

Hi Jonny, Love the cat piccy! lol… Welcome to LB fella… hope to see you about…

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya mate anuva local, im from edmonton hope too see ya about soon

Hello Jonny , welcome to LB!

Welcome :slight_smile: Loving the stealth CBR :cool:

Welcome to LB!

Ello and welcome mate, cat pic funny :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome, if only the current weather was as warm as you lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try and make the next noobie nite at Ace, and probably bring Fielder with me too (since he is stalking me!)