I passed!

Module one - Done.

Passed it on the first go, not a single fault. Didn’t quite get the speed at the trap on the hazard avoidance first time 'round (49kph) but got it second go (51kph). I was ragging that little YBR125 for all it was worth around that top curve :smiley:

But yeah, passed it, now I’ve just gotta go on and get my Module 2 booked and passed and I’ll be a proper rider! Whadaya think of that eh!

On a sad note, my still-restricted little 50 is going to feel soooo slow and sluggish in comparison now. Ah well :wink:

well done!! :smiley:

Congrats! :cool:


Well done !

Nice one, well done

Well Done!!

Congrats :smiley:

well done! what a great feeling it is hey!!

Congrats, well done

Well done mate :slight_smile:


What, the epic release of tension and a flow of happy when you get told you haven’t failed? Yeah, it’s pretty great :wink:

I will say though, could do with a chunkier 125 for my mod 2… my little YBR felt rather flimsy on the big roads!

Nice one

Well Done:)

nice one!!

well done, someone ‘up there’ doesn’t want me to take it, loosing license, then tax disk…

congrats nice 1:D


Congratulations :slight_smile: