I passed!

Family “hickups” meant there was a bit a delay, but nevertheless, I passed my IAM test this called but lovely morning :slight_smile:

Really good fun ride as well. Well chuffed :slight_smile:

congrats mate:cool:


Fantastic! Well done :slight_smile:


Good stuff…Wanna do mine at some point.

Excellent!! :slight_smile:

How much did the IAM course set you back? Would you recommend it to other bikers looking to polish their skills a bit further?

Well done!

Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

I would definitly recommend it to anybody. As well as being brilliant fun, I think everybody can gain from it. Having your ride assessed is always a good thing, even if you’re an experienced rider.

I joined IAM as an associate on the “Skill for life” program (http://www.iam.org.uk/the_advanced_programme/theadvancedridingprogrammeaskillforlife.html) which costs £139 and includes the test fee. Once you paid that, you have to join a local group. I joined LAM, and the yearly membership is something like £15-20. It just covers the daily running of the group (magazines etc). Apart from that, every time you go out with an observer, you are asked to give a voluntary contribution of up to £10 to cover part of the observer’s expense (petrol, rubber, …). Observers are volunteers and don’t get paid for this.

You can take as short or long as you want to come up to test standard and then book your test, so it’s difficult to say how much it’s going to cost you in total. I toke quite a few assesment rides because I was a pretty poor rider to start of, but if you have more experience, you may not need so many.

So in total, it’s set me back a fair amount, but it’s still very good value. Just compare it to a trackday or a training day with Rapid or something and you quickly realise how cheap this training really is.

congratulations :smiley:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Well done you. I’ll look out for the next LAM Progress mag to see your name up in lights :slight_smile:

Well done!!

Congrats mate.

Aside from the obvious benefit of hopefully prolonging your life, does anyone know how much of a discount IAM gives you on insurance? A friend of mine thought it was only 5%, which is pretty much the same as doing a bikesafe course. :crazy:

I’d love to do the course when I can afford the time and money, but does it pay for itself financially?

congrats on your victory

Well done :smiley:

Well done good to see, safe and enjoyable riding.

TVAM IAM observer

Sounds like it’s defo worthwhile.
Another course to add to the list :smiley:

Excellent work - well done! :cool:

well done dresie…