I passed my DAS now what??

Hiya I recently passed my DAS on a suzuki GS500 so far the bigggest bike I’ve ever ridden.

I currently own a CBR 125 which not so long ago I thought was a really cool bike… but now I have changed my mind… I guess it is because I now have an idea of what more power means!

I would love to jump straight on to a CBR 600 RR but when I tried the insurance ThirdPartyF&T… my quote was over £4500… which is a real no no!!

I am 23 and I live in Brixton so I need to find my-self a bigger yet cheap to insure bike… can anyone make a recomendation???

Could anyone tell me where I can join a biking organisation… something I think would help reduce my insurance premium!!


lOOK AT THE SUZUKI, They where doing some great deals with free insurance etc…
RR might be a bit harcore to jump on and go, Look at the SV, great big bike starter

just to back that up,

yesterday i bought my first ‘big bike’, a SV and rode it back 50miles in the rain without a single problem.