I only went and blew the Ducati's plate off!!!!

Blimey I know my Ducatis are fast but…

After a blast on the A3 , coming off at Tibbets Corner roundabout and clack hear something fall off.

It’s the numberplate … falls in the middle of the roundabout.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had to retrieve something on a roundabout but it’s fooking dangerous - people hare round what is a continuous blind bend… they don’t see you .

So I stood there like a numpty as eight cars missed it - the ninth fooker ( in a VW Sharan) goes right over the top of it , busting plate and bending bracket beyond use…grrr

Luckily a Fire Engine saw my predicament - stopped and blocked traffic till I received the bits. - Thanks guys.

AND before you Ducati bashers blame poor Italian manufacture - the bracket was a cheap Honda replacement bracket that the previous owners had got when he bought the bike from Dobles Honda.

So Ducati 1 - Honda Nil :stuck_out_tongue:

At least my new plate doesn’t have ‘Dobles Honda’ and a couple of Honda wings on it… on a Ducatii… :smiley:

A story and pictures! :smiley:

Wow, thats crap :expressionless: at least its sorted now

Like the licence number ending in Kuc. Rather fetching : d

Yeah but the Honda part is not used to a bike that shakes itself apart! :laugh:

That’ll straignten under a mallet, bit of sticky back plastic and your good to go

Probably out of sheer frustration he tried Japanese having lost too many Italian ones :wink:

using this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181362374985
I made this for you


Nice one

That’s a must have Ross

Must be the season for V-twins shedding their plates, one fell off a V-strom in front of me as I was going home through Brixton the other evening.

Do you not wonder why the OEM bracket had to be replaced with a Honda one?

nothing like a Ducati to shake rattle and break, if that’s what it does to itself, just think what its doing to all your bits!!! :D:D

Why thanks Mian… I’m touched (I think??) :smiley:

Now all you disbelievers repeat after me…

Nothing ever falls off a Ducati unless it’s made by Honda…:stuck_out_tongue:

The Honda part decided to commit hari kari rather than be on a Ducrapi any longer…just sayin :smiley:

You guys won’t believe this…

Since I started riding 38 years ago … ( 38 !!! :w00t: )

I have had

5 Moto Guzzis

5 Triumphs

1 Suzuki

1 CCM ( :Whistling: )


3 Ducatis

The only time an engine has blown up on me it was made by…


cough it was in my CCM 404 DS though… :blush:

^^^^^^^ OLD GIT !!! :smiley:

mind you passed my test 37 years ago but started riding earlier than that

Tis true! :D:P

its not how old you are that matters, its how old you feel :wink:

Or as someone once told me
As young as the women you feel!!

yes apparently :blush:

:)I passed my IAM 37 years ago and still feel as young as the woman I last felt.:stuck_out_tongue:

(PS - It was WeeFrenchie, a cuddle at OMC today) :slight_smile: