I now look proffesional

Looks like Eaton avenue to me?

I’m glad the sign writer spells better than you Johnny Boy!!! :Whistling:

Proffesional???..lol :D:D:D

if you had looked at the website, you would’ve known :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just behold the majesty of the pink and blue building :slight_smile:

you got the looks,

but can you talk the talk?

can you:

  • overtake any other vehicle traveling less than 60mph at any given time

  • turn without indicating

  • have various stuff hanging from the back with doors kept ajar whilst driving

  • chat on the phone while doing all the above

then you can really call yourself a professional white van man!


If that’s what a van driver has to do i am sorry as i have failed on all counts. I always indicate, stick to the speed limit, nothing hanging off the van, never chat on the phone while driving and i always say thank you if someone lets me through.

John, you are a white van man, you’re not supposed to be curteous to other road users, you are suppposed to do all the above and don’t forget to push other cars out of their lanes and close the door to bikes filtering through :laugh: