I now look proffesional

Got the van done today and i love it.

Oooooooh - very posh! (have the prices gone up now?):smiley:

looking good

Hang on, I think I can see a spelling misatake on the back.

Its a guessing game … is it … YC07DSP ?

you need your eyes tested Num, its OSP :slight_smile:

The eyes have had a long day .

It needs repairing. A warped number plate like that!

Nice but some cheeky sh1t has stuck a barnet f.c sticker on the windscreen. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the spelling mistake. I thought the business was BarnFIELD. I’d get the whole van repainted Barnet FC to be consistent.

I’ve been to Barnet FC, there was about 15 Barnet fans in the stands :stuck_out_tongue:

Van looks great though!

But does a Barnet FC logo make it look…‘Professional’?

I’d certainly call you out if I had water dripping out of one end of a pipe and a flame at the other…:stuck_out_tongue:
Like it though…reminds me of Mario somehow…

Looks nice :). I’ve always wanted to sign write my vans… but i’m not aloud :frowning:

aaaah from such humble beginnings :slight_smile:

well done John

Speaking as a designer in a proffesional capacity, I like it, nice job :hehe:

nice track day van you got there.

he he, I’ll bet he’s got it remapped and stage 2 head on it! :smiley:

oooh nice I need a plumber…

I want to know how he’s managed to ignite water…could make a fortune, and save the planet! :smiley: