I need zips

I might have posted somthing about this before, but I’ve made no headway on it.

The Problem

I want to zip jackets and pants together that have been made but different manufactures

The Solution

I hope. Get the other half of the zip for the jacket and pants and sew them together.

Does anybody know where I can get YKK and OPTI zips from? Am I the only biker that buys kit of different brands that’s hacked off that they don’t zip together.

leather alterations - eg 9 lives in guildford must have them, and you will get it properly stitched into the leather ?

I’m not looking to get them stiched into the leathers. Think outside of the box on this one. I’m looking for the other half zip for my jacket, the other half zip for my pants, and then get the 2 halfs sewn together so the jacket will zip to the new bit and the bit will zip to the pants.

I’m not interested in taking missmatched kit to a track day. I just want to stop my jacket riding up my back and the rain droping into my pants. I think it sounds like a fast and cheap solution, but it’s taking ages to sort out.

Midlife… there is a little leather repair shop on the Edgware Road called Sew n’ Sew… I have taken things there to get the zips fixed in jackets and trousers… I’m sure that they can Fix matching zippers to your items… Their phone number is 0207 262 3889… Could be worth a shot!!!

Foxy, I use that shop too! I had a huge damage on my leahters after a fall at Cadwell and they repaired it beautifully! I recommend!

Fantastic, I’ll check them out

On a side note - I’ve got a two piece set of leathers but they only have a short zip in the back to connect the two. Not good for trackdays, so would a place like this be a good bet to get a full zip installed on the two?

As previously mentioned 9 Lives in Guildford area - Speak to Chris or Daniel on 01483454441

Its surprising how many lengths / types and pitches of zips available and its very difficult to match them - out of interest what brands of jacket and trouser are you trying to match the zips up on?

Andy d3o ?

Dont tell me you work for d3o ??

Yes I do Kao5 funnily enough! have you heard of them?

I’m sure that guy in Guilford is the same one that does the adjustments and repiares for AdrenainX… They took in my race suit and put the lettering on the back… They are really good…

“Yes I do Kao5 funnily enough! have you heard of them?”

Yes, small world, 2 weeks ago I ran into an old mate Adey and his girlfriend Floria, turns out she works for d3o, I was so interested by what she had to say I went and looked into it and want to try to get my new suit made with it in - any chance of this in time for it to get put in the M2M Dainese stuff via Adrenaline X ??

Great MX wipeout pic in that other thread BTW !

Bloody hell, tis a very small world - I work with Floria! Dainese are trialling d3o at the moment but I dont honestly think any development will be in time for your mtom suit but will contact you if anything changes

I dont honestly think any development will be in time for your mtom suit"

so, what would you personally do ? You dont seem to rate BKS as highly as they price themselves :wink:

… so do I go to Crowtree/Hideout, one of the 5 others mentioned in this thread, or wait for Mr Rossi’s tailor to turn up at Adrenaline X and wait till jan for a Dainese M2M ?

If it was me, I’d get the Dainese. Their stuff is top-quality, added to that a M2M service, well, sounds ideal to me. I’ve never been a fan of the design that other suit makers offer, bar one or two of the mainstream international ones.

I’ve been recommended 9 lives in the past too, heard good reports about their work, although I didn’t use them in the end because i crashed and wrecked the gear i wanted the zips changing on

I’ve got this sorted now. I had the zips made up a 9 lives. I much say that I had fantastic service from them. The day i drop in to ask them about making them up the fly zip went on the pants. They carried out a temp repair and replaced it a few days later while I waited, when I picked up the joining zips.

The joining zip is a great idea, even if I do say so myself. It’s has the benefit of not replacing the zips in your kit which means you don’t have to go without your kit for a week. If you have stuff that already zips into them they still will.