I need winter clothing

I’m freezing my ******** off so I’d appreciate some ideas on good value priced winter kit.

It don’t need any armour as it will be worn over my leathers.
I’m not interested in gear with prices inflated by style like some Italian brands. Value for money is the key.

Riding around last winter, I wore an old Sidi padded jump style suit that a mate gave me. It was worn over the leathers and it kept me really toasty warm (even in icy conditions) and completely dry.

I stopped using it because it started falling apart due to its age, but I would really like to buy a new one of these or something similar to keep warm and dry.

I’m veering towards a padded jump suit rather than the top half throwovers because I want to keep my legs warm and dry too.

Any ideas?

Thanks mate…This made me laugh though.

“I’m sorry ok. I can’t make a Givi box look sexy”

Nice one…I’m 6ft2…Thing is though…I would really like a whole padded suit.

No not in white although that would aid visability

Im rarely cold on the bike unless i go outa town on motorways for hours on end.

I just have a cheap fleece and a plasic water/wind proof camo jacket from army surplus (15 quid) both worn over my leathers.

the army jacket zips right up under ya chin and keeps the draft out.

layers realy help trapping air bla bla.

also ALWAYS have balaclava and full thermals on under leathers ,long johns and top… sexy!!!

got them from primart…

Wearing a fleece over your leathers is a top tip… I’ve done it the last few times out and stayed relatively toasty, despite the motorway miles.

Like the idea of the windcheater underneath, but couldn’t find one today

I also wear baselayers from an outdoors shop (mountain warehouse) as I prefer them to the standard thermals

Hey mate try edz thermals, they do a outer fleece stylee layer that you can either wear over or underneath your jacket and its £40.00.

or go for the weise oversuit from about £45.00

There are stores called Aldi up and down the country. Currently they have ski gear in and this is all waterproof, lined and cheap. My wife is about the same size as you and she got kitted out- cant remember the prices, but the shop is in the Value for Money sector


hope this helps

Afro mate, you’ve got HG leathers, can you get a textile HG top that zips to your leathers? They even do a PSXR ?blousson. That way you get an inner lining.

why not try some cheap buffalo stuff £99.99 for the jacket and £79.99 for the pants,and seeing as you are a member of LB you get a 15% off for us loverly lot in the clothing dept at rex judds.

edgware has more in stock than west hampstead at the mo.

Thanks everyone.

Gruntmon, cheers mate…I’ll check to see what HG do.

Like the Aldi idea too cos I’m a cheapskate.

Oh and I’m always grateful of discounts


we must see a photo of you in it when its bought- that is the deal!

The ‘fleece on top’ is worth a try but it gets mucky (this doesn’t seem to bother me with my textiles - they’re meant to be mucky?), and the first shower you get caught in you’ll be sloshing around like someone with incontinence pants. I spotted the Aldi fleeces for £8 though, worth a squirt at that price.

Where’s Da Artist? He was at HG Harrow and giving discount…

“Where’s Da Artist?”

Out on his bike, of course!!!

dont forget folks…www.Aldi.co.uk tomorrow, 22nd March 2007

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