I need to have this in my life!

And the prize for Awesomest ANNOYING Gift Ever is yours! Congratulations!

That is superb

I love that!!! Amazing :smiley:

You sir have solved all my birthday/ wedding/ bar mitzvah/ funeral needs for my entire life. Below is a blank cheque, please fill it with the amount you need to sell me this product…

that . is . Brilliant. where can I get one???


You can get this for free by simply buying a car with faulty central locking.


You’ll have to make it though and it includes some soldering needed apparently

Ha ha!! Love it!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

not an issue, still awesome :smiley:


christ if you gotta build it yourself, they could at least have put a fake hand on the end of the return rod…

Alex you must go to some odd funerals:ermm:

The funerals aren’t odd… I am though :smiley:

that is so old, it’s a bit surprising Thinkgeek took that many years to jump on that bandwagon…

Here, for some more fun, have some dual boxes