I need to buy a petrol/diesel generator, any sugestions?

Guys, I have to light up my garage and it will need to be by generator for the rest of this year up I get the mains sorted ( long story). But i just have no idea what to look for??? anyone has any ideia of models and what’s the difference between them? I actually have no idea what should i loook for?? All I need is some light in the garage when i need to do some work. Bellow a pic of my garage so you have an idea of the size and how many bulbs I will need.



Thank you very much, Tony!

Nice webpage! I’m cheking it out right now! It would be good to have even the generator from Kawasaki as it should be faster than the others, lol

I believe the paddock-porty and generators that the Kawasaki teams use in MotoGP, are fitted with Akrapovic exhaust systems as well. How cool is that? There’s a piece about them in this months PB magazine.

I’m so jealous of your garage Cezar, it’s big enough to park a bus in!