I need to be poked....

Hi all,

My second post… Oooops

Went to Cubana last night and posted on that thread first

Ill learn to read properly one day

Hope the pokeing stick dosent hurt too much

Hi. I’m just going to say hellow others will be alone and give you a poke <G>

Hellooo… the poking is the best bit (cant get enuf)

already gave you a poke but cos you posted up here will have to poke you again


poke poke poke extra poke for not coming over and saying hello…

oh and i believe you must have spoken to Lustfish last night…




i might have to get in on all this poking lark!!!

Hi matey, welcome to LB. See ya ona rideout or at one of the meets - Cubana, Blackheath or the Ace. Whatout for the rideout to Hastings coming up on the 19th…Flatouts organising take a look at his thread. By the way poke, poke…snapppp…damn thing…Poke, poke,poke…thats better reinforced the thing this time

Are you sure?

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

and err Welcome to LB

Hey, welcome to LB mate! Post up a picture of your ride for us!

Hello again. Nice to see you, to see you. Nice.

Where’s your friend with the Gixxer? [grin]

Welcome to LB.

HI there and welcome