I need my alarm repaired / replaced asap please

Datatool system 3 not working on cbr600f1 - bike stuck on driveway and I really want to ride it.
Please can someone recommend an installer…perhaps a mobile installer but can get the AA to take it somewhere for me.

have you had a look at the fuse?

i do know man that can but worth looking at that first

Hi thanks for replying.
I think it got wet a couple of weeks ago and it started playing up, leaving me stranded on the way home from work. I assumed the fob battery was dead but neither of them worked. I changed the batteries in them anyway and it made no difference. Then called the AA out. He sprayed it with wd40 and dried it with my hairdryer. It worked briefly and then stopped again after he left. The AA guy checked the fuse - its fine. Datatool said PCB might be faulty and suggested changing it. So I took fairing and tank cover off (managed to drop bike off whilst doing this - dont ask) but then couldnt open the alarm box as need a special tool. Anyway the alarm was fitted by the first owner 6 years ago and its in a really exposed place (beside rear shock) so I dont think its worth paying £140 for a PCB (not found one cheaper anywhere).
Anyway I have been in the garden enjoying the weather but hearing all the bikes going about is making me desperate to get this fixed.
Please send me the details of the guy that can help. Anita :smiley:

cant you rip it off to get bike going? then sort out new alarm after.

erm… prob not. I only just found out where the battery was yesterday, just before I dropped it so doubt I can take the alarm out and I am sure nobody wants to post a step by step account with pics :ermm:
Of course, if you can do it, I’ll get you a pint!
(not sure insurance would be chuffed seeing as I had my previous bike stolen from the driveway)

fair enough, you can normally see where the said wires have been split etc due to them been same colour but best not try if ya not sure.

Friend of mine fits & fault finds alarms, could ask him for some free advice if you want - he’s mobile too if you wanted him to come & take a look

Does auto electrics on any vehicle

Paul 07770 794445

contact this london biker member ‘wigglemethis’, he helped me with my alarm in fact he install a new one for me!

Thanks. I am just waiting for the new bits to arrive.