I Need Help!



(apart from the fact I seem to have contracted Fireblade Paulitis :D)

OK - dramatics over with, but I’m starting to find myself attracted to cruisers (of the bike variety - not the gay variety - I don’t wanna see this bastardized in future quotes! :D)

I ain’t saying I want a Harley or nothing After all, who would want to pay £279.99 for a wing mirror? (Apart from Harley owners, natch :D)

It doesn’t really fit in with my Street Triple dream… maybe a Triumph America though…

Oh Hell! I am SO confused :crazy:



OMG - just googled this in reply and my mouth actually started watering… :crying:

There’s no hope…

There is always hope Stevie, just try to Whooosaaaah for the time being, this is just temporary (hopefully:D ) take a Fukitol capsule lol:P

Very very COOL.

I could live with that!

Don’t panic. Next week you’ll see a nice street moto/fighter/super sports/whatever and you’ll start lusting over one of those.

We’ve all been there at some time or another, it’s what keeps us addicted to the insanity of it all.

Right now, I think the only sanity is a new Ducatti 696 with a gold Akrapovic system but by the time I can afford one, I probably won’t want it anymore.

ehhhhh wots with the blue would look better all black;)