i need help please

i just spent all my money i saved up on abike only had it a week, it idlein i think. i just would like it if someone who knew about bikes could come and just hear the sound. if they could fix it i would be willing to pay… i got this bike for me to get to work and back and have now lost my job. the bike is revving when i start it then after a bit is stops and starts coughing like something is blocking it… all help would be nice… thankyou…

Can you tell us what bike it is and where you are in London?

Sorry to hear you lost your job Howard, I’m assuming because of the bike. Just a thought, but why not take it back to wherever you bought it…I’m hoping it wasn’t gumtree. Or failing that, a garage?

If neither of those work for you, it might be worth telling everyone where you are - London’s a pretty big place.

Is it a new bike? If not may be worth taking out the air filters and giving them a good clean. :slight_smile:

im in hounslow the bike is a lexmoto tornado, someone said something about the carb needing set i dont know tho…

As suggested, check the air filter is clean. After that check the choke is operating correctly.

Or try a scooter forum.

(Not being rude - but you might get people there that better understand the workings of said scoot)

PM Kishan!


Well I am in hounslow , And normally I would be open for business… However I can’t get at my bloody garage this week

Does it do this every time it starts or does it only happen when the bike is cold?

As suggested, there are clubs and forums better equipped to help someone with a Chinese import.

Is it a two stroke? If it is then check the mix screw, if this is wound all the way in then that might cause the symptoms you are seeing. best thing is to get the manual for the bike and then check the carb settings (if there is a carb, don’t think it would be fuel injection!)

PM means Private Message, so you find the username and then send them a private message

I think it is most likely a 4 stroke with time not temperature operated choke. Probably also has a vacuum operated fuel pump.