I need a moan

my CBF frequents the gallery quite often (not because it’s more shiny!) as did the Pan European I rode, the Scooter I rode and the VFR… is that a sports bike?!

But you are limited when about 80% of the bikes parked up at cubana are sports bike!


When I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I liked harleys, with education and therapy i realised that unless you wanted to spend more time polishing then riding then they weren’t for me.

The I got into moto x and trialers, again a lot of time washing for small time riding.

Then I thought naked bikes were good, passed test and realised fairings were better. Then I watched a litlle bike racing and OMG where had it been all my life, I had to have one and now I do albeit a little worn and old.

I guess diferent strokes for different folks and sometimes you grow out of or into different bike styles.

quite right…i was brought up with Harleys and used to go all the Harley Riders Club Rallies then HOG came along and executives bought them to show how much money they had… and i never had enough money to get the right Harley/Gucci handbag to match the Ladies who frowned on what you wore rather than what you rode…so that was that, snobbery killed it for me…i still love the Harley but not the merchandising hype

am i finding that sports bike riders also frown on you if you dont have the right full set of leathers ??

snobbery is everywhere…its about the freedom a bike can offer you…dont get tied to the hype

Too righst, snobbery is a culture killer.
It’s just another way for the rich to look down on those with less.
Personally, I like getting up the noses of rich buggers and some of the most interesting and full-o-life people I’ve ever met have been the one’s with very little material wealth.
Snobs, get lost!

Snobbery is for car drivers, not bikers!

Hear Hear to that.

PS you should see my leathers - Lewis Leather trousers circa 1993, DR boots circs ( gawd knows second hand ) chooice of brown (yes really ) A2 hide jacket complete with 20 or so ragged pins and a painting on the back that I tried to scrape off - and it didn’t work so looks like someone split 1/4 pint dulux cornflower blue over the back… armour underneath natch.