I need a moan

Is it Londonbikers or Londonsportsbikers.This site has bikes other than sports bike’s but all the pic’s of the Cubana,Firth are all Gixxer’s Cbr’s Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with either bike just wanted to point out there are orther bikes around.

does what it says on the tin…londonbikers!!

and to moan is not accepting what is…

salee (sports bike rider)

it was a christmas present…i wanted a Harley but beggers cant be choosers!!!

so i didnt moan i just accepted it…LOL

That was your choice that does not mean we all have to sit back and execpt it.

golly…you are having a bad day…‘I’m listening’ …

They’re not all sportsbike my Africa Twins are regular feature on the galleries…

Nobody loves my CBF either Dogstar… prolly because it’s minging and MattCBF’s is shinier

I think that sports bikes are definately in the majority here but I’ll (as a CBR rider) happily admit to drooling over cruisers with lots of chrome and there’s a place in my heart for old Lambretta’s and Vespa’s.

I’ve always been told that here, it doesn’t matter what you ride, it’s the two wheels that count.

Far enough maybe I should look a bit harder through the galleries.But by the time you get to pic number 97 or 98 of Gixxers you loose interest.

Oh… well, we do try to take photos of a cross-section of bikes, but as has been said, sports are the majority type in London. The whole ethos behind LB was to create a place where all bikers could come together and just enjoy the hobby for what it is, rather than fall for the traditional ‘mines bigger than yours’ mentality that can dominate.

We encourage riders of all types of bikes to share our community, but we’ve had varied results on this. I would love to see more riders on here from the other groups, i.e. scooters, tourers, adventure, dirt biking, cruisers, customs and the like, but finding people to lead this drive is very hard. We get a lot of offers for help, but very few people actually follow through with their intentions, unfortunately.

We cover all major biking events in the UK where possible. This year already we’ve been to the Dirt Bike Show and two Classic Bike Shows, we also publish untold amounts of news that is for all bikers, from scooters to classics, tourers, adventure, etc.

Take some time to look around the site, we’ve got a huge array of non sports-bike content.

Thank you for your input

Excuse me!
The Death Star couldn’t be further from a Sports Bike if it tried.
Believe me, every time I ride out with anyone they rub that in my face…or at least blast exhaust fumes at tme as they disappear off into the distance.

And in case you were wondering, Darth lent me his 600 Bandit when he went on holiday.
The most UN-Sporty bike going. Tell you what, its no wonder that ugly bugger can’t pull.

Dogstar, there are other bikes on here , I have been on a few runs now, was out on Sunday with 5 others , I did manage to keep up most of the time, or should that be catch-up

heres a pic of my bike for you


Sports bikes? Pah, GPZs rule!
(Te he)

Would you all giggle at me if I turned up on my Triumph Scambler???

Which is officially the BEST London bike… …er but lousy on motorways and trying to overtake Gixxers on the open road…surprisingly good on corners though

“Yeah” worse luck…

I like that…and Oi Jay…

More pics of Yamaha FS1E,s please !!

Not at all - this is my Triumph Speedmaster!

I don’t know why you need a moan, you have a perfectly good one right here!