I need a Link pipe making.... any ideas?

Hey guys, i bought a high level triumph race can for my speed triple, however it is an earlier model that fits a daytona. so rather than waste the can id like to get a link pipe made so that i can cut the link pipe thats already on there as it has a ridge on the inside and it doesnt slide onto the downpipes very far.

any ideas on who might be able to make one?

heres a pic of the can…



What about PPG’s other half ?

is he on LB?

Gabs is so ask her?

Mark Hill +44 (0) 1462 894 012

thankyou, i just sent you a pm lol:D

Can highly reccomend Gabs other half mark… cheekychick and i went to see him on saturday and he sorted out her link pipe on the zzr in sooper fast time and its now perfect;)