I need a bit of help

My friend is a childrens TV writer & he is developing an animated TV series for young kids. A group of characters in the show are
bikers - they just ride around this imaginary world racing and stunting etc…

ok, so what? I hear you ask. Well, he believes that good writing is based on good observation, so he has asked me (as the only biker he knows)
for any in-jokes, terms, phrases that bikers use. Ive given him a few, but Im sure you all have loads to add. So, please add any that spring to mind so I can pass them on.

thanks guys 'n girls


But kids won’t understand? And is this a good role-model to be exposing children to, i.e. stunters? I’m having a hard time thinking of bike-specific terms that we use, but here are a couple:

  • Burnout
  • Wheelie
  • Stoppie
  • Leathers
  • Ton : As in, 100mph
  • Off : As in, crash
  • Fair weather biker
  • STB’s : Square Tyre Brigade

??? I can’t think!

im not sure about the role model issue here dude… thanks for the square tyre brigade - ive not heard that one…

Chicken Strips
Hells Angels
Dirty Greasy Bikers
Counter Steering
Spinning up the rear
Drifting the rear
High Side
Low Side
Skid Lid


blooody faaast…

focking slow…

can’t think on anymore

Pegin it

Still thinking here.

Ive told him about the mayday run, boxhill, the lords derby & the mucky duck, are there any more bike meets we can add?

Theres the Ace Cafe.

A pub called the Plogh over in Kent, meets are on Wednesdays.

Theres someplace in Epping Forest but the name escapes me.

Bury Hill in Sussex.

Cat and Fiddle at Matlock in Derbyshire.

Newlands corner on A25 near guildford.

If he wants to see what bikers do - boxhill this sunday for the animal charity run down to Brighton.