I need a bit of a rant!!!

So I was cycling in this morning.

going through Peckham high street, as I’m going down the cycle lane another cyclist doesn’t like the fact I’m coming in the opposite direction as I go past he reaches out grabs my arm and yanks it

WTF fella why?

WTF do people do that!

Is the cycle lane two way?

Please tell me he ended up on the floor

@ timmyfox According the the signpost I looked at, it looked bi-directional. and if not then the sign posts have been placed incorrectly

@ Marma I did “catch up” and have a word, but what made it worse is the guy could not speak English so just left it and rode away… Plus no one where I was would have seen him nearly pull me off the bike so not worth the hassle.

Clearly the guy was a twat then. What goes on in someone else’s head can be quite baffling sometimes.

Woof woof!

You sure he wasn’t trying to mug you?

@ nivag - lol if that was the case, we will be seeing him on one of those worlds dumbest criminal programs soon.

haha cool. Just thought I’d ask. You never know why people do these things.

No joke, I would have actually given him a smack!

Do you mean you where on Peckham High Street (aka A202) ?? Cycle lanes (plural) run either side … (???)

Serves you right for being on a cycle :wink:

Maybe he fancies you.

@ian - no it is on one side of the road. there is no separating line, but the road signs face both directions therefore one would assume bi-directional. it is a one way road on and when there is a bus stopped no where anyone else can go…

@ hannibal - hehe cycle to work day today so clearly thought I’d do my bit for the nutters out there.

@ jay - may be I’m a good looking guy (so my mum tells me)

Bloody cyclists :wink:

I saw a classic the other day. Holborn. Traffic lights. 2 cyclists went through the red lights and a pedestrian with an umbrella clothes lined the cyclists with his umbrella… one of them chased him, but I gotta say, i dont know who I would have backed if the situation didn’t resolve itself.
Probably the pedestrian truth be told. Ah, but then… it was kinda dangerous… but there again…

I saw him on the way home as well last night… needless to say he did not want to stop and chat

He defo fancies you! first he grabs you, now ignores you… :stuck_out_tongue: