I nearly got caught out

I have the day off today as I am going to a family function this afternoon. So had a lie in, went downstairs, did my breakfast, turned on the telly to get the overnight news headlines just as Fake Britain was about to start on BBC1

It was the episode regarding fake bike kit again… Fortunately, I was able to turn over PDQ as I still have not seen it and have no desire to see it. The message is all wrong.

But that must be about the 5th or 6th time it has been repeated since it was filmed in January 2014. If I had had been paid for it, I would have done quite well on repeat fees I imagine.

Anyway, the emails have already started rolling in from people who have seen me this morning

This sounds like a raw nerve or I’d ask what the back story is

This sounds like a raw nerve or I'd ask what the back story is yourebarred
Not so much a raw nerve, but I don' like seeing myself on the telly or hearing myself on the radio, but in this particular case they wanted me to comment on set of leathers.

The leathers were cheap and made to a price, but because they had Yamaha written on the back they were deemed as fake.

I pointed out that having Yamaha on them did not make them fake, but had they had a brand name such as Dainese or RST or whatever and sold as such then they would be fake.  There was no such suggestion that they were trying to say they were a top branded name.

The leather was quite thick, and the armour was not really too bad, but they kept banging on about them being fake despite my explanation, but they also did not like it when I explained that I would rather see a youngster or a rider on a limited budget wearing these leathers than wear Jeans and T shirt.  The cheap leathers may only do the job once, they may even fall apart, but would be preferable to sliding down the road with less protection.

They did not like that.

It took over 7 hours to film, and 99% was cut s it did not get the full message over or in context.

Go to Camden market and there are poor quality fashion motor bike leathers on sale there, I would not wear them but as you say a choice between a T shirt and a cheap leather jacket is preferable. 

I spent weeks with a film crew once and they used about 0.1%, I blamed my colleague who did not want to be filmed so kept swearing lol.

Nice ornaments by the way T.C !