I missed BL Day

For months I had been looking forward to swooping down Park Lane using the massive double bus lane.

But this morning there was snow on the road and I live on a hill about half a mile from the nearest main road. Snow and bikes do not go well together so I have missed the chance to celebrate on the first day.

I was pleased to see that the bike symbol has been added to the signs in Park Lane so I will postpone my celebration until tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Same here! Jackie and I are no FWB but we had a hellish tube journey as there was no way we could get the bikes to the main road due to the inch of snow on the steep bend between us and the gritted roads. :angry:

It was nice to see the bike symbol on all the bus lanes on my way in to work today :smiley:

A day we’ve been waiting a long time for, although as a lot of my journey is on the A23 I’m used to being in buslanes already…

There are certain ironies in life that you just cant help laughing at. Here we are eagerly awaiting the legal use of bus lanes, because Im sure like me you know of some that are just waiting to be tested out properly, and guess what? On the morning of the first day it snows making riding nigh on impossible. You just got to laugh!