I miss you all!

I’m in one of those random “I miss my bike, and all the good people” moods…

After being too busy to get on the site for a while, I’m really pining after being on my bike tanking round london… work doesn’t take me down there so much anymore - and tho I only ever met a handful of you at Cubana - and a couple of you outside the main meet…

Just wanted to say a general “You’re a top bunch of people”… handy tips (and now I think I’ll win my insurance claim), a good laugh, great “Adult” vids to make my long days more tolerable, and plenty of random banter…

Up here, there’s no such community, and it sucks … maybe up here, there’s not so much need for a community like this

ahhh Ham! Feel the love!

well I’ve certainly missed your posts!!

Nice to see you on fella

Where are you Hambley?

I’m living in “Barrowford” … little village ~30 miles from Manchester - I was only ever in London on Business… I was thinking about getting a place down there - but just couldn’t justify doubling my costs, and leaving friends family, and my gf behind!

Since my accident back in August, I haven’t had a bike - and I can’t travel on the train owing to my injuries

…by the way - do we have any medics, or physiotherapists on the site, doctors or consultants, I could do with a little informal advice on how to help my recovery!

hmmm, Manchester might be a bit far for a sunday rideout!!!

As for medical people on here, I’m not sure. Might be worth starting a new thread asking.

You’ve been without a bike for ages (longer than I’ve been riding even!) are you unable to ride because of your injuries?

It’s more lack of money, and I had to move out of my house, into a flat after the off… so I’ve also nowhere to keep one just now… well not that I could be sure it wouldn’t disappear anyway (a guy on my street has a duke and an r6 race bike in his living room, lol)

My injuries were as follows… but no mostly I’m ok - the slightest bump on my knee and I’m a babbling cripple for about 15 mins! and my foot only hurts in the cold… but I guess that’s normal with breaks ?

Left Shoulder: Dislocated on impact, popped itself back in, was good enough to trap a nerve
Left Knee: A neuroma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroma) on my kneecap and it was the size of my head for days afterwards!
Left Foot: Bore the brunt of the car’s grill (notice the scuff mark on my frame, … that was my foot ) and got mostly broken/squashed - and then I landed in a bit of a “Terminator” crouch, and tore all the fleshy bits too

Pics here: www.flickr.com/photos/leehambley/

The girl who’s all over there, she was just a friend before the crash, now we’re in the best relationship ever :smiley: hurrah for being totally mashed by a bike accident (she wasn’t injured, other than a bit of bruising… she landed on me… and i wouldn’t have it any other way)

I couln’t open the pics but sounds like you had a bad off

It’s cool that something positive (your relationship) came out of it though.

Yeah, it’s really cool - what’s pretty funny is the reaction we get from friends and etc… since Becca went to uni, we get loads of people asking

“ohh how did you two meet?” … “ohh we’ve been friends for years” … “aww, that’s nice, how come you ended up together then?” … “well, we were in a bike crash and blah blah” … “O M G!!! YOU WERE IN A BIKE CRASH???”

… it all seems kinda normal to us now

I just wish my injuries would pack it in though so I can get back to keeping fit and making the most of being 21!

yeah, I’m sure that’ll be a story for the grand kids, lol

Good luck with the recovery

eep!! kidz…grandkidz… put me in the coffin already … i wanna be under that Pegeot…dead!

nice to have you back…

Ann x