I miss the mountains

I miss the mountains. Can’t wait to get back when this is all over, and er when we have some touring bikes again.

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Italy’s open for business & their current infection rate is about a third of the UK’s.


Amazing roads, and brilliant riding skills!

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Ahhh Schaaaf, haven’t watched his vids for a while, he has posted some good vids, he had a big off a while ago, glad to see he’s back on a bike.

Really, really missed our Euro tour this year, have to have 2 next year! :slight_smile:

Definitely want more of this

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One of my biggest regrets never doing an EU mountain road trip

What!? Get it planned now man! It’s quite simply the most breathtaking experience on a bike. We are so lucky, it’s so easy to get to these places. Lately instead of suffering the motorway slog through France we either get the ferry to Bilbao or the Bike Shuttle service to Geneva, then you’re ready to go right from the foot of mountains.

Now would be a good time to do it. Roads likely to be a lot quieter.


I’ve got the comfy sheepskin seat, but not sure I fit on this bike and I think it would struggle with the uphill sections


I keep wondering about doing one, but as brecon has taught me, my fear of hights might stop me enjoying it

Love it! Amazing video. Those S1000XR’s do sound good :+1:

It’s relative, the mountains and the surrounding land is also higher. I not overly fond of highs but the views and the roads are worth it, and you take it at your own pace.

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Where was that @Kevsta?

Can’t remember exactly I was following Rusty. But the original have the locations tagged so can pin point them for if you want.

Im alright so long as there isn’t a cliff next to the road, but it seems that many mountain passes have that.

What’s this? I need to google it. Might get a week away with my daughter in a weeks time, could be good for us.

Got a Picos trip planned but Spain currently off limits…not for a couple of months so fingers crossed.

It’s an amazing service. We used it to Geneva. The team are real nice, the service is really professional and fun. Will definitely use it again. Completely changes the experience, you waste less of your precious work leave time and don’t arrive with squared off tyres from lots of motorway use and start your ride from the most beautiful locations.


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Looks really good, not running this year for obvious reasons.

Could pick the bike up in Geneva and be swimming in Lake Garda early afternoon!

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These days I prefer climbing them…Yesterday, Above Haweswater reservoir, Lake District