I miss my bike when I’m travelling with work

But it has some compensations:

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There’s worse places to be when away from home on work :slight_smile:

Surely you can find a bike out there??? We always hire a bike, even if it’s off a local when away. Best way to explore.

Sadly that pic was taken in the 2 1/2 minutes I was able to snatch in between work commitments.

I just wanted to share that brief moment.

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Was lucky enough to have some longer work trips to San Jose, CA this year where I had a weekend to kill. Hired bikes locally, bit pricy, but doable for just the weekend. Great way to explore the area, see more and blast out some work stress! Definitely recommend doing this if you have chance, EagleRider are great, based all over US. Dubbelju in San Francisco were also good too.
Biggest hassle was lugging bike gear over to save costs of hiring there and logistics getting to-from bike hire shop, with parking hire car for weekend nearby.