I might have to buy my mate's pan european

so I can justify buying this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221433297551

not for that price sod that

im building a tow hitch for my vf 750 and makeing a small trailer to carry my camping crap with a car roof box as the main body so its small and aerodynamic

Mmmm nice but £2.5k for a trailer?

You can buy a nice Transit Campervan for that ! :smiley:

Designed for a small car but suitable for a motorcycle because its <1M wide, no mention of weight/length :ermm:

Motorcycle trailers must be<1M wide<2½M long (measured from motorcycle rear axle when hitched)<150Kg or 66% of the motorcycle kerbside weight whichever is the lighter
Motorcycle and trailer must also be permanently marked showing their respective unladen weights.

I’ve asked the seller a couple of questions :wink:

Found another one here for £1,795.00 also no mentions of dimensions or weights inter webby wotsit here

Am I missing something but surely if you need that much stuff, you need a car? Having actually done some towing on a Vespa 200 it’s less than ideal!

I’m so disappointed now, I thought this would be a good mod for the Bonne :unsure:

Here’s the numbers he sent me

The overal length leaves just about 75mm to fit a hitch. With an unladen trailer the motorcycle would need to be >225Kg, the Bonne’s just under that. Although the trailer has a carrying capacity of 90Kg this would be restricted to 40Kg when towed behind a motorcycle to keep <150Kg, that’s reduced to just 30Kg after you’ve slung a disk lock, chain and anchor on board.

In real money that’s about half the capacity of Mrs Arts touring baggage :wink:

I have only tried a trailer once, that was enough!
A lady stepped out in front of me, granted it was a strange bike but the feeling of being pushed along was scary.
That was with an unladen trailer.

my tent is bigger than that one and fit on topbox…

Probably quicker to put up as well. That looks a right faff.