I may no longer have a bike

But I at least have KTM branded toast.

It’s taken me four years to get a perfect logo on a piece of bread, demonstrating that KTM toasters are similar to the bikes! They just need fine-tuning to work properly

Thanks to KTMartin for the wedding present :wink:

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Very cool. I was going to say I didn’t have any issues with my KTM Superduke but then I remembered the sidestand fell off after a month and the rear seat lock fell out as well and was on back-order for two years, so yeah, I feel you :slight_smile:

2 YEARS for a lock?

so Jay, the bike was… toast?


I’ll get my lid

Yeah, after repeated complaints, it never turned up. This was for a brand new bike in warranty. I can’t imagine owning a KTM again after that experience.

That has put me off considering a KTM.

I tried all different types of bread before settling on Allinson’s wholemeal… For best results.

A bit like the bikes, they need the right sort of rider

Edit: changed as my comment was intended as a joke but came across snarky and offensive!

What viscosity butter you using?

Butter, you must be joking. This bread and toaster need goose fat

I thought KTM toasters were just for show in the kitchen! Didn’t realise anyone used them … and how the hell have you been tweaking it??

My 1290GT is now a week out of warranty. I have no intention of tempting fate by commenting on how it’s been to date!

I also have a KTM dummy that has more hours on it than all KTMs racing put together…

As for the toaster, we don’t really have toast at home so only use it once every so often. The tweaking part was a joke…

That’s a relief! LOL