I may feel like a human icicle .......

but **** it I passed so I don’t care!!! Yayayayaaaaaaa … no more tests for me!

the best Christmas pressie in the world!!!

Thanks to my very very patient instructor and a long suffering friend I have managed to get my full licence today …

sorry had the need to share!

any ideas on bikes for me??

Well done! Welcome in and all that…

Nice one matey and happy bike shopping! :slight_smile:

PS: Get a naked bike :wink:

Naked bikes are cool. Just make sure you buy them a cab home :hehe:

Nothing wrong with riding in this weather - makes you appreciate the sunshine (when it comes) more!

congrats! let the bike hunt begin, and yes, ride naked :slight_smile:

well done!!


If you’re not planning on going anywhere fast :smiley:

Good job with the test pass! :cool:

I object! lol

Ah yes, well in that case sub with ‘if you don’t mind getting a massive neck and forearms’ :smiley:


well done, should get a good deal on a bike at this time of year.

well done! :D:D


Well done!!!

Bravo the fun begins

Great news, get looking its prime time:D


Think what you need it most for, just commuting, then somthing like sv, cb,cbr er,

if you do alot of long A roads the a faired bike might be better,

if you just ride about, and in joy the scenery,with lots of time to spend polishing it, the a cruiser, might be better,

what ever you get Good Luck, ride safe:D

Nice one well done

I concur! Naked it is thanks:D