I made myself a bike part

The locking ring for the headset bearings on my VFR. it’s meant to be replaced every time the lockrings are adjusted cos the tabs snap off over time. I couldn’t find one online so I grabbed an old piece of aluminium, a pair of tin snips and a file. old one is on the left.

Don’t quit your day job :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you not trace around the old one first?

yeah, but I didn’t cut it very accurately. only the parts that mattered

If you can bring me the old one somehow, I’ll try and knock up something a little cleaner if you like.

What gauge aluminium is it?

ppaaaaahahaha your getting mugged off by Columbo!

If it works Groovster then apply days

Wow, this is something I would do :stuck_out_tongue:

the alu I used is about twice as thick as the old one but that’s not important. It was an old computer CD drive case.

Loving the ‘make do and mend’ attitude, but does it actually fit / do the job you need it to do?

If you want to tidy it up a little/get the shaping more to the original one you may be better off finishing it with a file…

Motopup, I’m not trying to mug him off, I’m trying to help him…

it wasn’t so much make do and mend. I needed the part and couldn’t find a spare! and it works perfectly thanks :slight_smile:

Steptoe in the making…

His “home made VFR project” is really coming along!

I hear he’s building a cruiser too…

That looks like being in better knick than anything he’s bought to date!

Think of the splinters he’d get if he crashed it! Well done Mian - if it works then brilliant - very …er resourceful of you :slight_smile:

KTMmartin you have got me in stitches :hehe:

me_groovy: Forget the pi$$takers. Good effort.

I too have made tab washers from whatever is available and I’ve not had a failure yet. At bike spares prices, in theory, I’ve saved £ lots.