I´m really tired...

…of fucking selfish cunts without manners or decency using the motorcycle bays in central London, last month they fucked my rear right fairing and today I found out the protective glass of my left auxiliary light has been shattered (probably some idiot wanting to squeeze into a tight gap). They don´t even have the fucking decency to leave a note with a phone number or anything

Next idiot that leaves his bike literally touching any part of mine gets his tires slashed (or at least flat). Burleight street parking bay if you are curious

There… I´ve said it… Have a nice fucking evening everybody

Just make sure that the bike you damage is the one that did yours and not someone else who’s parked after the incident.

Would a rain cover be of any help?

Wow man, it’s unfortunate this happens to you. Maybe time to find another spot? 

nah I won´t fuck any other biker, I was just letting steam out, but it´s just fucking disgraceful… covers don´t work for shit

I know, I’ve had loads of scratches, indicators broken etc… It’s disrespectful. I think it’s people who aren’t really bikers and see the bike as a utility not a hobby. Bloody infuriating. Glad my job has a parking spot, no more Golden Square for me!

I feel your pain happens to me often too! Spent £100 on new mirrors for the GSXR, after a couple weeks I go down to my bike, and find s dick has scratched the glass with there handle bars! 

Oh and most recently scratched my LH side fairing because they tried to squeeze it in! I fucking hate it, pisses me right off. 

It always seems to be scooters!

yer years ago, I had this happen to me… Came back to the bike to find my mirror hanging off! 

I think most on here will have a story or sorts for this kind of thing… Doesn’t excuse them though!!

indeed - my colleague has just ordered a new mirror because someone broke his yesterday…although they actually left a note.

Would never commute on something I wasnt afraid of getting damaged/stolen if being left in a London parking bay

I had my bike scratched as well by some scooter rider idiot and it was spotless until then… I use a cover now every time and I must say it helps.

I don’t mind some scratch here and there, but when they start breaking components of the bike it gets more annoying

Whilst I don’t disagree that this city has more than it’s fair share of disrespectful ***** I also think it’s symptomatic of the complete lack of the inclusion of motorcycles in the city’s transport policy.