I love my Tom Tom

Thanks to Charlie, and his box of magic tricks, on Friday I had a Tom Tom fitted to the Duc, probably the reason why he set off late on see Claire. Sorry fella.

Well it took a while to get the thing set up the way I wanted, i.e. asking what kind of route planning I wanted (avoid motorways, fastest, walking or cycling). I bought a speed camera subscription online and set up the POIs (points of interest) they way I wanted.

Sunday was a 200 mile magic mystery tour through God knows where, which I can quite safely say the best ride of my life.

The weirdest thing is learning to trust its directions. The TT will take you through the twistiest and remotest back roads that are both car and camera free. Awesome.

So if you don’t have a Tom Tom, why not!

So a big thank you to Charlie. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

I couldn’t agree more with you on that Mini_Mo. It’s well worth the money you pay for