ladies and gents…i give you…Thumper2:cool:


Nice railings, freshly painted by the look of it, which borough was that?:slight_smile:


tut… trust Jetsteam to miss the main part of the picture… i.e. I am seriously impressed how that council manage to clear the chewing gum from the pavement with minimal residue.

I love your sv too:D Thumper rocks;) u lucky git…i got stuck wiv a poxy hornet instead of a lovely sv:crying:

lordy! me what a turncoat !!

my ones nicer:D;)

if you;re only in romford, we should go for a ride - im not far




i love you russ :smiley:

ROMFORD ! Spiritual starting point of the BCR !!


love you too you northern sod:D see you tomorra lad!

What your going for a ride? Are you in the RAC?:smiley:

Oi ratty!!!

You’re tax disc is on the wrong side;)

Didn’t I take that picture? I won’t charge you;):P:D

I am not a turncoat!!!:smiley: i always wanted an Sv but hubby did’nt want me to have one:doze: thats why he sold me his Hornet very cheap…but then it is buggered and he knows eventually i’ll get it looking nice:D

nice bike only spoilt by the can strap at an odd angle:D

I think the manhole cover at the intersection is a bit raised, looks dangerous to me.

i think there is a bit too much man love in this thread!! :smiley:

hahaha brilliant

Personnaly I was worried about the chewing gum on the floor in front of the bike

Am i right that thats outside Johns of Romford on rush green road?? I’m from romford toooo! :smiley:

What’s with the user warning stickers still attached to the SV’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

dunno…do want to remove them, they is yuk!:smiley: