I love my 955i


Cool picture Chris!!:cool:

nice background…looks kool…whats the thing covered in cr@P…bottom right…spoils an otherwise great pic:D

It`s a bike having a short rest, the road surface for the last 30miles left a little to be desired! Only 3,500miles without a wash at this point since leaving home.:slight_smile:

Didnt see an SV in over 4,500miles that fortnight, thought theyd all been recalled.:smiley:

Awsome pic :cool:

you my friend are mad:w00t: i salute you:D

good job it wasnt curtis and his trumpet…wouldnt have done 3 miles let alone 3,500!:D:D

I guess Jetstream’s pining for the fjords

Nice pic :slight_smile:

Just dreaming and planning for the Alps and the Cote D`Azure.:slight_smile:

Someones nicked your luggage:w00t:

3,500 miles and only a tankbag for the two of you?:smiley:

Julie has a rucsack & we didn’t take many clothes. Hairdryer & make-up banned. :smiley:

Brilliant Pic. 955i’s rule!

Not unlike this lot then?;):smiley: