I Live In Georegia, Should I Be Worried?

A Yahoo Answers user was concerned about the recent Russian invasion of South Ossetia and Georgia. She lives in the U.S. state of Georgia and is worried whether Russians will attack her home state

She should be worried, but by herself, not the Russians.

Will someone please start a geography initiative in the US!? How can they be our World Police without knowing that the World doesnt entirely consist of America!?!

I was in florida not so long ago and a POLICE MAN sat next to me at the caff and went on for a good half hour about how he had travelled the world. Turns out, he hasn’t been outside the US.

Then there is the World series…

Don’t even start me off…

Canada is a MUCH better place!

She probably advises George W Bush on foreign policy. . .


I think we should also remember that whilst the US education system is very biased towards the US and it’s interests - there are vast numbers of ‘normal’ americans who don’t believe everything Mr Bush says, know that there are other places out there that aren’t part of the US, and are in fact pretty normal people…

Ahh! Poor girl, all worried n’all.


going by the crap spelling and way words used some1 is taking the p1ss

I can assure you, there’s certainly a few folk in the former Yugoslavia who don’t hate them.You may remember Europe watching genocide unfolding and doing jack-**** about it. Action was only taken when the USA arrived in NATO guise.It’s true that American foriegn policy is usually driven by Domestic issues, but in the above case I think they shone while us Europeans failed.

That screen shot is from one of numerous threads around the interwebs from people who think they’re being funny.

America F**k Yeah!

What do you expect from an american.

They are not all that bad but considering that they have a bit more people that we do, it is just expected that they have a larger amount of idiot to go by…
Problem is that most of them can’t even name all there 50 states.
This said France have 95 departments I will struggle remembering half of them…
But for my defense, I do have a passport and use it intensively to visit new countries every year…

Its not often I’ll agree with a frenchy, but on this occaision I will, your spot on there freddie having worked with the septics for many years in the forces most dont know their ar$e from their elbow, and think the world end at their coastline :slight_smile:

Oh and France aint that bad after all :smiley:

apart from the snails n frogs thing thats just fuggin weird :slight_smile:

are woo so wonly!? :slight_smile:

I know this is a UK Forum, and I’m an amercan please understand that were not all that stupid, just a good malority of us.:slight_smile:

Aahhhh, Hans Brix !

Reading this thread has only confirmed my suspicions that America does NOT have a corner on the market for smug idiots… :laugh: :laugh:

Hell no, they are worldwide, but thats OK, you carry on posting smug comments about the uk :wink:

On that note…


:wink: :smiley:

One of my ex girfriends is living in Georgia and makes a decent living pole dancing.

That alone makes the place worth a visit.

Blatantly a **** take!:hehe:

As far as the film goes, give me a camera and with the correctly phrased/presented questions I bet you I could make plenty of people from this country to look as stupid if not more so! :wink: