I Like my Boss!

My Christmas present from my boss, a crate of Verve Clique Champagne!

A nice surprise.:slight_smile:

Think he liked the Christmas do that we had last night - 5 star hotel, whiskey tasting included and a 5 course meal, and accommodation included. BTW he is a scotsman!

Yes we all have made it into the office this morning, most of us before 08.00!

Haha! cool :wink: My boss left about a month ago and we havent got a replacement, so we are doing the job collectively and it works really well :wink:

One of the guys in the office bought us all boxes of chocolates, so that was nice :wink:

thats always the way though, extra work free of charge but happy

No boss? You’re living the dream!

A crate! fuggin hell - I’ve got the odd bottle in the past but never a crate. He’s obviously really pleased with your work. You’ll have a lot of fun getting through that lot! :slight_smile:

i dont think he actually did anything useful - plus i spend less time undoing what he fracked up all the time…

I got shît all, not even a christmas lunch, no christmas party - nothing. I work for some tight arse blinkers. Oh they are the government!

I havent had a direct boss for about 3 months because she’s on maternity leave… I really miss her! Not only do I have to do my job but I now have to do hers which as a non qualified accountant is abit of a struggle (she is a very good chartered accountant!) No extra money, loads of extra hours and stress but thats how it is… got to get on with these things and try to smile :slight_smile:

So no christmas pressie for me and my directors havent bothered to reward me either, no xmas party etc :crying: Their secretaries got new blackberrys treated to a very liquid lunch and each get ‘little something’ wrapped up including a links of london bracelet… no fair!!! :w00t:

Sorry rant over! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How about sharing abit of the christmas champers, lucky thing!!?!!! :smiley:

I got an xmas dinner at a spanish place on regent street, then I’ve another one tomorrow night at http://www.shared-party.com/wintergarden/. I work in the Interlectual Property business.