I like :D

Kawasaki have made a sports tourer out of their popular z1000 model called the z1000 sx. It does look more sporty than a tourer.

I definitely do like this and I can safely say when they drop down in price after a year or two and my restriction period is over I shall be looking at test riding and purchasing one of these :). Naturally I will opt for the non ABS model. The massive cans will have to go though. What is it with manufacturers putting massive cans on bikes these days!


why naturally non-ABS?

Because he’s been riding that long he knows his stuff

Just read that ABS thread.
I reckon it’s in regards to that thread and the responses in there?

Thought about this, probably better off sticking a rack on an old ZX9 - get a similar spec bike for 6 grand less?

Edit: and some bar risers.

+1 - spend the money saved on your prefered top of the range hard luggage

Because I just don’t like bikes with ABS. The rider should be in control of what the bike does and you slowly learn what your capabilities are as well as the bike’s. Its only going to do what you tell it to… Can’t one have a personal preference? Also the ABS model costs more as well.

Valid point… I do tend to buy bikes that are just out of their warranty period with under 5000 miles on the clock. I reckon they will depreciate to about £4500 - 5000 give or take a few £s. We’ll see what the market looks like when my licence matures.

This one is a 2011 model with 500 miles on the clock for £7200 already

I quite like it, only change I might make for touring is aflip up screen and maybe get the seat refurbished with a gel pad?

As for ABS, if it has it, it has it, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,either don’t bother me and I have a bike with and a bike without. Psychologicallywhen buying a second hand bike would you think the ABS rider might not havebeen thrashing the engine compared to the non ABS version?

Can you do stoppies with ABS? Worth a thought?

that just looks like a Z1000 with a screen on… fugly as hell as all Z nakeds with screens

I like the Z1000… I just don’t like the fact that its not fully faired. I’m happy that there is a fully faired version now :slight_smile:

Always wanted to try a gel seat I just don’t know anyone that has one :(.

Just a personal choice with the ABS really. I really do think people should train themselves to use their brakes properly. Fair point on the life of the bike though.

I like the look of that too

i dont like the fact that people dont use the search button


Awww let it all out :smiley:

how’d you know i got a blocked nose? :hehe:

Lol… lucky guess :stuck_out_tongue:

ps dont know if you heard the latest news, but Ducati have a new multistrada that you might like :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Saw a demo bike of this in the summer. Already it was starting to corrode. That zorst? urghh!
Looks like it weighs a ton as well.

I don’t really see the point…

All of the inpracticalities of a sportsbike (no wind protection, crappy passenger comfort, low down reach to the bars) with none of the advantages of a tourer (i.e again, no wind protection, no real ability to chuck ona tail pack and panniers without making it look like a crap bolt on and it probably has pants tank range too)