i laughted so much i cried - Very Very Very funny!



me too !!:D:D

I nicked that off ur FB and had to pass it on to people as im sitting here laughing to myself like a crazy person :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool :hehe:

Ahh Man, thanks so much for posting this, its freakin awesome - turned a bad start to the day into a good one :slight_smile:

PS. I’ll be back on later, just pooping in the shower…

lolz :w00t::smiley:

Thats so funny, you have had me in crazy fits of laughter in a quite office. Must sound like a right weirdo lol :smiley:

OMG i cant stop reading it! Work damn it WORK!


I laughed so much I coughed up a lung…so damn you Rixxy you owe me a lung


i got the giggles now, and my makeup is totally ruined :smiley:

Rixxy you’ve a aunt for posting this, i’ve just lost half a ducking day reading it :smiley:

it is so funny i read all 19 pages with cat, my favorite is the lawyer, can u imagine getting that!!!

haha what makes it so good is some of the peoples reactions to it!

just my type of humour… love it!! :slight_smile:

some of those are funny :smiley:


Man that is soo funny. :smiley:

Had to stop reading this at work. I laughed so hard it almost made my head crack :smiley:

Absolutely hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is brilliant, this is like lamebook used to be before it got boring…