I know this may seem out of place.......

After reading about and personally mourning Ali’s departure (see you tonight for the condolance book) and also Da Artists horrific encounter it has put me on a right downer

I just wanted to say to all, biking is a passion we all subscribe to, it gets you, it thrills you, it is unique.

We put ourselves on the front line, our speed, our machines make us different and unfortunately make us more prone to misfortune.

Let’s respect our fallen friends, give a finger up to the haters and all share and enjoy our passion.

(I actually admit to looking at my bike tonight with a sense of hatred and fear, but it soon passed with a sly grin)

Keep your chins up, keep safe and most important of all, keep riding, our fallen friends would wish no other, you know that.


Well said fella!

This is so very true .

I love my time on my bike and some of the rideouts, trackdays, etc have been the highlights of my life.

As much as everyone is sad by the passing of Ali I hope that everyone still understands that he got the chance to do something he loved. I feel the chance to experience real happiness is not given to you but is something you have to search out and find. With this in mind I hope that he got this chance and experience this even in his very short 20 years.

I am in no hurry to leave this great place called life. But I’d rather spend my time while here doing what I love and what brings a smile to my face. I do not want to live my life wishing I had the chance to do this or that when the time has passed and the window has closed. As much as the passing of Ali may have the people who dislike bikes banging on your door and mine telling us to give it up I know that there is something in me that screams out to be on a bike that is what keeps me riding.

All the best to the family, loved ones and friends of Ali.

Well said! For those who knew Ali it’s very clear that his eyes used to be sparckling when he was talking about his bike… He was so hungry of life and emotions…

Lets enjoy it even more now! Lets be more aware of life and it’s danger but lets ride and feel the fredom of being a biker!

For you all that are helping us to build this community and introduce loney riders to each other, promoting rideouts, planing our routes, posting you not always jockes, sharing your grief and happiness, for you all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

For those that are only reading it and didn’t join us yet? Please do so, don’t get scared becouse we act like we all are old friends and you may be an outsider. You are not! I myself haven’t met 70% of those that will be joining us on Ali’s last ride or tonight at Waterloo meeting.

This place is nothing without you!

You’ve said it all my friend. One of the few sites on the net for bikers that if anyone needs help there is always someone who’ll help you out, even if you’ve never met them befor.

Well said, biking is one big brotherhood that brings us all together with a united passion in good times and bad times. I for one have never felt such camaraderie since i was in the forces, you realy do have friends every where. So lets morn for the ones we loose but carry on and live life to the full, that is what life is for.
So the members on the outside of the forum who are worried about coming into our tight comunity, please come and say hello, most of us on here don’t know each other in the flesh, but it sure makes it easier when we do meet, as you feel you already know each person. RIP Ali