I know this is not a bike but....

a friend of mine has moved and as a result is having to sell her little car here are the details -

It’s a Peugeot 206 1.4i LOOK, 10900 miles, CD Player, Aircon, power steering, silver, electric windows, taxed till Aug 06, and just had full 2 year service.

If anyone is looking for one of these - let me know by PM and I will get her to give you a shout…





you,ll get red carded for that missy !!!..No bumping !!!

Has the price gone down now that its had a bump?

Barro, you have to catch me first …

and chufster… yes if you’re interested she has lowered the price… its a really nice car… and i would get it but i am buying a new bike soooo

What bike you getting Ab?

How much does she want for it?